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It's been a long time I haven't submitted anything, but the battle animation is taking longer than I thought, and although I almost never stay on Newgrounds to give more my time to deviantART and the battle animation, I'll give you the link of the preview 1:

I rarely stay on Newgrounds, so I won't have almost any audience until I submit the battle animation, and I was experimenting with the closeups, although they don't look perfect.

Ufff... And I rarely stay on Newgrounds since I was mostly busy in deviantART, and I'm making the long battle animation that is called "Mario and Peach vs Zatch and Tia", since I could fix a fatal error that made me to restart over... Now I'm able to make the SPACEBAR option (although it's still not safe since it resulted me on pressing ENTER instead of SPACEBAR) that allows me to press SPACEBAR to make next on the text, and now I'm able to master the buttons better, so if any of you see this, try to go to my deviantART profile to see in my current Journal how the animation goes, since I'm now more cautious to avoid the same fatal error that happened to me the first time I saw it...

First time I'm on newgrounds, I know I'm not with any Flash, but I'll start submitting within October 31 my Halloween Random Shorts, and it will be about Luigi, so it won't be appealing, while after that I'm going to make a 10 minute (or maybe more) battle animation about Mario and Peach, against Zatch and Tia in a strong battle, and thanks to the things I learned from Alvin-Earthworm SMBZ episodes, I may do it at a good speed battle animation, since I made one previous battle animation, but it is on deviantART, and it had no background since I'm still a beginner on that time, so look at my deviantART profile for that animation, I submitted it 4 months ago: